At Mama G's, we're committed to continuing to increase our impact.


Annual Thanksgiving Street Dinner

The Thanksgiving Street Dinner is our banner event. Each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we gather on the streets of San Francisco and share an open invitation for dinner to those in need. 



Sunday Streets Tenderloin

Mama G’s serves up delicious lunches during Sunday Streets Tenderloin events. From BBQ to Bahn Mi, we make sure no one goes hungry.


Tenderloin Burrito Project

Our burrito projects are seasonal events where volunteers gather to assemble hundreds of burritos. They are delivered straight to the community and provide a tasty, warm meal.



Community Micro-Grants Program

Any additional funds collected above the needs of our event are donated directly back to Tenderloin community organizations such as St. Anthony's Foundation, Glide Memorial Church, and Project Open Hand who provide warm meals to those in need everyday.